Using prism will enable you to connect to various social media channels, including Facebook Messenger that is linked to your Facebook page. However, please note that this capability is not available on all package of our services.

Please contact our sales representative for more information on how to enable the Facebook Channel.


Below are the requirements to connect your Facebook channel to Prism:

  1. You need to be on a package that includes Facebook integration
  2. You need to have owner privilege at Prism
  3. You need to be the admin of the page that you want to connect

Granting Permission

To be able to connect the page, you need to grant permission on Facebook to Prism to be able to access the messenger data.

To do this, please follow the steps listed below:

  • Login into your dashboard, select Settings at the top tab

  • Select the Channel Management

  • In the middle panel press the Facebook button

  • This will open the Add Facebook Page dialog box. Go ahead and click on the Connect Facebook Account Button

  • The action will open a pop-up window from facebook. If you haven't login, it will prompt for you to login first. After login, it will present you with a dialog to grant permission to Prism. Go ahead and click on the Continue as [your name] button like shown below.

  • Next up is for you to finally grant permission to Prism to be able to manage the page sending and receiving of message as shown below. Go ahead and click on the OK button to grant the permission.

Great! Now you've granted the required permission to connect your Facebook page. Next step is to connect it.

Connecting Page

After granting the permissions, follow the following steps to connect the Facebook Page.

  • Select the page you wish to connect from the dropdown shown below.

  • After selecting, still in the same window, press on the Save button.

That's it! You have connected your Facebook Page. Now you can handle all incoming and outgoing chat messages using prism. Congratulations!