INTEGRATING [email protected]

Using Prism will enable you to connect with your customer through [email protected], you can chat and capture transaction within your conversation.


There are some basic requirements to enable your [email protected] integration in Prism

  1. You need to enable MessagingAPI in your [email protected] account
  2. As you enable MessagingAPI in your [email protected] account, you will not be able to revert back to your normal account
  3. As you enable MessagingAPI in your [email protected] account, you will not able to use [email protected] in [email protected] app in your phone, as well as 1-on-1 chat functionality in [email protected] Manager
  4. To enable MessagingAPI, you will need to subscribe to Pro plan account - see details here

Connecting [email protected] to Prism


Please read this limitation very carefully.

Once you enable the messaging API, the action is irreversible. The following are the consequences of enabling the messaging API:
  • Going forward, your [email protected] account can only be used with Prism or if you choose to handle it with your own application.
  • You will not be able to access previous [email protected] chat histories. Please perform proper backup first
  • You will not be able to login into the [email protected] account in your [email protected] mobile app
  • You can still login to your [email protected] manager but not to perform 1-1 chat. You can still do broadcast in [email protected] manager since Prism does not have broadcast capabilities.
  • You need a [email protected] pro-plan to use Prism. We will provide the guide below.
  • Currently Prism can only handle 1 [email protected] account in the dashboard.
  • Maximum product description that [email protected] can display is 60 characters. Product description longer than this will be truncated
  • [email protected] stickers will not be displayed in Prism, only shown as a text.
  • To be able to show product image correctly in [email protected], all assets must be served under https protocol
  • All messages sent to your [email protected] account will automatically marked as read. We provide the autoresponder tool to help you manage the user expectations.
Please be aware about consequences mentioned above to continue this integration step.
If you don't want to use your primary account, we're suggesting you to create another [email protected] account which specifically used to handle customer orders.

These are step by step to connect your [email protected] to Prism

  1. Open and login with your LINE account. To be able to login select the content manager button as shown in the image

  2. Once inside the [email protected] Manager select the Settings menu in the left side.

  3. Once more menu is opened, select the Messaging API Settings.
  4. Afterwards input the LINE Developers Provider Information and the LINE Developers Console Developer Information

  5. Once all fields are filled and you are sure that you want to continue, click the Enable API button

Enable Pro Plan

Here are step by step to enable your Pro Plan account in [email protected]

  1. Open [email protected] Manager page and login with your LINE Account
  2. Select specific account you want to enable

  3. Click on Registering for Paid Plans

  4. Select Pro Plan - check Monthly Plan Terms of Use and click on Change to Plan button

  5. Insert your Credit Card details and Submit

Enable [email protected] Account for Messaging API

Here are step by step to enable [email protected] account for Messaging API

  1. When enabling process is successful your Messaging API settings screen will be changed into the screen below.

  2. Click on the LINE Developers button to open the settings to configure the messaging API.

  3. You will be asked to create a new channel with the following form.

  4. Fill all the required fields including the image.

  5. After all fields are filled, issue the channel access token like shown below.

  6. Once that is done go to the left menu and select the provider you created before to continue configuring the webhook and other parameters required by prism. See below picture on how to select the provider

  7. You will see list of channels in the middle-right panel. Select the channel you are configuring by clicking at the Messaging API list shown below. Not clicking on that area will give you different setting window.

  8. You will be shown a different settings now. We need to enable webhook now. Do as shown below. First, open the edit menu in the Use webhooks setting.

  9. Change the setting and click on the update button.

  10. Now that we've enable webhook we need to generate it in prism

  11. Open Prism Dashboard > Channel Management > Enable [email protected]

    Insert above details using information from your [email protected] Developer Page - then click Copy on Webhook URL and save the settings.

  12. Go back to the LINE Developer page Click Edit and Paste the webhook by eliminating the https:// part from the URL following this format[ChannelID] as shown below

Now you're ready to manage chats from [email protected] using Prism Dashboard