Prism will help you to enable your Telegram bot and manage conversations using Dashboard. You can perform chat and capture transaction within your conversation.


There are some basic requirements to enable your Telegram bot in Prism

  1. You need to have a Telegram Bot, if you don't have one - please create here
  2. As you enable your Telegram Bot, you'll need to register your Bot on Prism Dashboard

Connecting Telegram to Prism

There are step by step to connect your Telegram bot to Prism

  1. As you create your Telegram Bot, you'll get the token - as shown on picture below

  1. Open Prism Dashboard > Settings > Channel Management

Click on Telegram button and enter detailed credential

  • Name : this for you bot label
  • Channel Access Token : insert the token here

Click Create and you'll see your Telegram bot is connected

Congratulations! now you can use Prism Dasboard to response your chat - click on Chat Manager to give it a try